Hybrid Cloud Backup, Archive and Recovery Services from Seagate, a worldwide leader in storage solutions

Back up servers and endpoints onto the Microsoft Azure platform

Protect data simply and automatically, consolidate cross-platform and multi-hypervisor backup and recovery, and leverage applicable Microsoft® Enterprise Agreements.

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  Use cloud services to extend  and protect your NetApp  environment

Get proven, cost-effective, fully managed cloud-based disaster recovery and backup that is fast, reliable, and secure. Certified by NetApp®. Guaranteed by our 1-hour SLA.

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Enterprise Backup Appliances

New EVault Enterprise Backup and Recovery Appliances are good for only one thing: anything!

Home Health Org. Opts for All-In-One Data Protection

Pathways protects healthcare data, meets compliance regulations.

Webinar 10/29: When to mix public and private clouds

Transform your backup environment by putting legacy systems under one umbrella.