Why Strap Your Engine to the EVault Rocket?

As you consider making your career at EVault, keep in mind what we call the Four Cs described below. And if you come to work with us, we'll keep in mind that there's only One You.

Company: The Right Market, the Right Backing, the Right Talent, Right Now

These are exciting times to be at EVault. Today’s market opportunity for cloud storage companies is huge—and we are 110-percent focused on growing our share! There’s no question our experience gives us a leg up: we were founded as a cloud company, in 1997, and our executive team has built other game-changing, multi-billion dollar software companies. Finally, our parent company, Seagate Technologies—the world’s largest data storage provider—is backing us with all the resources we need in our drive to "Go Big."

Career: It Really Is All About You

At EVault, driving your career as far and as fast as you can isn’t just a good idea—it’s an executive mandate from company president Terry Cunningham. Every year, roughly a quarter of our workforce upgrades to new jobs. Don’t see the one you want? Let’s create it.

Cool Technology to Develop & Sell

Why get excited about our cutting-edge technologies? They’ll help us stay the leader in backup and recovery. They’re also fun to develop and easy to sell. Which helps us attract today’s top engineering and sales and marketing talent. Like you.

Culture: You’ll Like It Here

Think it's a lot easier to focus on achieving excellence when you're having fun? You belong at EVault. Our workplaces naturally emphasize collaboration and creativity, and you won't have to wait until after hours to do a little socializing. Check out our "usual" benefits (US) (Canada).