Turnkey data protection designed for laptops, desktops and Windows Azure

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Data Protection and Data Loss Prevention – Designed for Laptops and Windows Azure

Today most workers are not bound to the office; they work from multiple locations and depend on a variety of connections to be productive. For the organization, this increases the possibility of data loss, and diminishes corporate visibility.

To ensure employees stay productive when on-the-go, while providing the organization with the visibility and control over corporate data, EVault, a Seagate Company, provides the only cloud-based laptop backup and recovery solution that adjusts backup based on network, enables continuous, efficient data protection and data loss prevention, regardless of location – even when users are offline. While end users stay productive and protected, businesses have complete visibility and control. The ability to retrieve and remotely wipe data simplifies the handling of lost devices and employee turnover.

Designed for Windows Azure, EVault Endpoint Protection enables customers to maintain control of their data while reducing infrastructure costs by taking advantage of Microsoft cloud services. Businesses can leverage their investment in Windows Azure to backup and protect endpoint devices from data loss. EVault Endpoint Protection takes advantage of the built-in security, compliance and global, geo-redundant storage infrastructure made by Microsoft Azure.