The Future of Cloud for Healthcare is Right Here, Right Now

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By Tyna Callahan, Sr. Manager Healthcare Products & Strategy, Open Storage I just reviewed the 2014 HIMSS Analytics Cloud Survey, and am thrilled with what I see.  A couple of points, especially, resonated: 1) The #1 area , 40% , where the respondent healthcare organizations foresee using cloud moving forward is for archived data; To this point […]

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Welcoming Unitrends to the DR Business – Now, Wait Just a Minute…

Janson Hoambrecker_Director_CEM_ CDR

By Janson Hoambrecker, Director, Customer Experience Management – Cloud Disaster Recovery, EVault “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.” – Former U.S. Senator, Daniel Patrick Moynihan This often used expression seems not only applicable to political circles but to the world of business as well. Case in point: late last […]

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Whether it’s ‘Disaster’ or ‘disaster’ are you prepared?


By Shawn Swanson, Product Marketing – Customer Experience Management When most think of the term “Disaster”, with a capital “D”, what usually comes to mind are natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires and earthquakes. What comes to mind when we speak of “disaster” with a lowercase “d”? Well, especially in the IT world, it typically […]

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EVault To Host Reception at 2014 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference


Since being named a finalist for Microsoft’s Application Development Partner of the Year it’s been pretty exciting around the halls at EVault. In line with the company’s charter* it is duty bound to celebrate such success. Therefore EVault invites you to join them for its second annual partner reception at the 2014 Microsoft Worldwide Partner […]

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IRS Headlines Offer Stark Reminder to Fundamentals of Data Backup & Recovery


Regular readers of the EVault blog are like passengers on a journey with a similar destination to optimize storage and protecting digital assets. Along the way the blog stops to pick up new people. Some require upgrades to existing investments while others need to start from scratch. Regardless of the differences within the environments they […]

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Webinar: This Is No Time for Impulsive Decisions

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By Brenda Caine, EVault Marketing Programs Manager The only times I’ve suffered buyer’s remorse is when I’ve made a decision based on emotion without doing my research. Some years ago, I fell in love with a charming little Spanish-style cottage in San Diego. I was taken by the stucco walls, red tile roof, built-in cabinets, fireplace, and […]

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Investing Time, Not Wasting Time – Part Two

DavidAChapa_Senior Director_TechnologyEvangelist_EngineeringRD

Continued from Part One… By David A. Chapa, CTE, office of the CTO, EVault We actually “over spend” so we can ensure a peaceful day at work or at least try to ensure peace. Does that sound familiar to you? It does to me, I lived it for a number of years…this is oh too […]

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Managing your Cloud Backup Service with EVault’s Portal


By Doug Metcalf, Customer Experience Management at EVault “It Just Works” is commonly thrown around when people describe various technology or services, whether it is the latest gadget or the reliable car that is pushing 200,000 miles on the odometer.  Having the right tools and capabilities is what it takes for any product or service […]

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