Case Study: Compuquip Technologies

Compuquip Cloud Backup, Powered by EVault, Wins Customers

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Compuquip, a Florida VAR serving the data protection needs of small businesses, created a powerful new revenue stream by selling Compuquip Cloud Backup services, a new multi-tenant “Powered by EVault®” backup offering. Compuquip joined EVault’s new Cloud-Connected Service Provider (CCSP) program, enabling the company to implement the all-in-one EVault Plug-n-Protect backup appliance. Connected to the EVault cloud, it gives customers instant access to a proven data protection solution with attractive cost savings.

CCSP Helps Compuquip Provide Comprehensive Data Protection

As a CCSP provider, Compuquip offers an easy-to-manage cloud-based backup service, secure and reliable enough to put its customers at ease. The company had previously resold a hosted backup package that copied customer data to a third-party location, which was difficult to manage.

“When a company outsources its backups, the customer’s biggest concern is security: making sure the technology works and that the process is secure throughout,” says Brian Dosal, Director of Sales and Marketing at Compuquip. “With CCSP, we can alleviate those customer concerns.”

Compuquip’s clients trust the company to handle their IT operations, including data backups. “When our customers ask us what they should do for backups, we can tell them with confidence to go with us,” says Dosal. “We don’t have to point them to another provider. This was our biggest driver for choosing the CCSP program. We run our operations our way, with EVault powering the backup technology.”

CCSP Competitors Fall Short

Compuquip considered other programs before closing with EVault. “The other programs required much more investment upfront than the CCSP program did,” explains Jorge Azcuy, Compuquip’s Director of Technical Services. “The other programs did not have local engineers to help us onsite.”

Compuquip understood the EVault technical foundation because it was already reselling EVault products. The Plug-n-Protect appliance—featuring Nexsan SATA drives and energy efficient cooling and power management—made the solution even more appealing.

“Now we offer Compuquip Cloud Backup powered by EVault as a cost-saving solution with a rock-solid technical foundation,” says Dosal. “We knew Plug-n-Protect used the same backup process, with the same security and reliability. We knew EVault’s engineers would be there for us.” That was crucial for Compuquip’s peace of mind—and for its customers’, too.

Compuquip Enjoys Smooth, Scalable Migration and Implementation

Compuquip migrated client data to EVault in a snap, and every installation has been seamless. “We were not really installing anything other than agents and pointing them to the appliance in our data center,” says Azcuy. “We have not encountered one surprise or issue,” agrees Dosal.

EVault’s local support and transfer of best practices were critical. “Their engineers guided our team in an actual restoration process, making sure we were up and running as a CCSP,” says Dosal. “The support has been phenomenal. Not many vendors or manufacturers have that.”

Thanks to space-saving deduplication and compression technology in Compuquip’s 3TB appliance, Plug-n-Protect easily handles all customer information. And Compuquip can painlessly increase that storage cap because of its “pay-as-they-grow” capital investment alongside its client base. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we get to 30TB in the first 12 months,” says Dosal. “Double that in the second year,” Azcuy adds.

Compuquip customers love that their data is restored quickly, securely, and reliably. “We did a restore test and everything went as planned,” says Dosal. “The fact that recovery works so efficiently makes our clients happy.”

Win-Win Wonderful from Start to Finish

Dosal has been delighted at how fast customers have taken advantage of the company’s new SaaS offering. “We have had a bunch of clients sign up after sending them a contract,” says Dosal. “Becoming a CCSP program partner gave us the ability to add a recurring revenue stream and provide another value-added service,” says Azcuy. “The licenses were included, which lowered the cost to get us into this solution.”

Compuquip has strong advice for partners looking for a program like the CCSP program. “The technology is the easy part of backing up people’s data,” says Dosal “In our mind, it is the reliability and security of keeping things working the way they should all the time. That is our big reason for signing with EVault.”