Cloud Services Providers: Get “Cloud-Connected” with EVault

Want to be a cloud services provider? The unique EVault® Cloud-Connected Service Provider (CCSP) program packages EVault cloud technology and best practices so you can quickly build a profitable, cloud-connected data protection service backed by EVault and our ironclad cloud. Faster than you can say “cloud services provider,” you’ll expand your services, create a recurring revenue stream, and tap into the fast-growing cloud data protection market.

Cloud Services Providers Get: Breakthrough Business Model

EVault CCSP changes the game by bringing the cloud to the channel—and by taking collaboration between cloud technology vendors and cloud services providers to a new level. Your customers get the best of both worlds: your local presence and customer intimacy, and the full backing of EVault and our cloud.

Cloud Services Providers Get: The Very Best Online Data Protection Technology

How lucky can cloud services providers get? EVault professional-grade backup and recovery technology is built specifically for delivery as a service. Find out more about EVault technology.

Cloud Services Providers Get: To Market Fast—In as Little as 2 – 4 Weeks

The EVault CCSP packaged program helps cloud services providers start generating a recurring revenue stream in just two to four weeks. An all-in-one EVault appliance provides a multi-tenant backup and recovery system in your own data center. Take advantage of our “pay-as-you-grow” model, best practices for running a SaaS-based business, a rigorous training and certification program, and packaged sales and marketing tools.


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Cloud Services Providers Get: The EVault Brand, Experts, and Cloud

We back your business with the EVault brand (trusted by 43,000+ customers worldwide), EVault data protection experts (industry-leading support), and the EVault cloud (12 top-tier, SSAE 16-compliant data centers). All customer data backed up to your location is also replicated to the EVault cloud—and if your site fails for any reason, all customer backups failover to the EVault cloud. Welcome, cloud services provider!

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Getting a ton of traction with our hosted backups powered by @EVault. Clients are loving it.

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“EVault CCSP program brings… proven technology with complete and reliable software agents and best-of-class compression and deduplication algorithms, as well as an innovative licensing model. Based on this programme, NOEVA has been able to build and market quickly a very strong, online backup cloud proposition.”

–Jean-Christophe Pari, Director of Technology, NOEVA