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Our cloud backup and recovery services feature a rock-solid infrastructure managed by a team of experts. You get server and endpoint data protection and archiving across mixed-use environments plus easy cloud recovery.
EVault Cloud Backup Service:<br />Cloud server backup and recovery EVault Cloud Backup Service:
Cloud server backup and recovery
Automatically back up server data to the ironclad EVault® or Microsoft® Azure™ cloud and access it as needed—safely, efficiently, and easily, directly through the Internet, without additional capital or IT expenses. Our customers complete more than 25,000 restores each month. Learn more....

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EVault Endpoint Protection:<br />Cloud endpoint backup and recovery EVault Endpoint Protection:
Cloud endpoint backup and recovery
Boost user productivity and network performance with cloud-based or cloud-connected™ (hybrid) backup and restores. The EVault cloud provides geo-redundant storage, ensured uptime, and ironclad security so endpoint files are available from anywhere at any time. Learn more...

EVault Content Archiving:<br />Cloud email, file folder, and SharePoint archive and search EVault Content Archiving:
Cloud email, file folder, and SharePoint archive and search
Find and consolidate the content you need in real time; reduce server space and storage costs to keep pace with rapid data growth; improve email oversight and security; minimize administration; and ensure compliance. Learn more...

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