Offsite Replication Service Extends Protection to the Cloud

Could you use the benefits of an offsite disaster recovery center without the burden of its upfront costs and ongoing maintenance or administration? This affordable subscription-based service seamlessly extends your onsite EVault® Software deployment, mirroring backup data to a secure EVault data center.

Your Challenge…

To ensure disaster recovery, you need to store redundant copies of your backup data. But creating your own disaster recovery facility is just too costly.

Why Choose This Product?

EVault Offsite Replication Service delivers affordable, efficient, ensured replication. Combined with EVault Software, it creates a cloud-connected solution that can quickly recover data over the local area network (LAN) while providing complete offsite protection against site disasters.

Features & Benefits

  • Bandwidth-optimized replication: The EVault technology platform replicates the smallest possible amount of backup data to the EVault cloud, minimizing bandwidth requirements and shortening the replication window. You can also schedule the replication for off-peak hours and predefine how much bandwidth to use.
  • World-class cloud infrastructure: All EVault data centers are SSAE 16 compliant, so rest assured your data is safely stored. If necessary, a second vault can be quickly provisioned and scaled to meet your offsite storage needs.
  • End-to-end data security: NIST-certified AES encryption secures the data while it’s in transit and at rest. Only authorized personnel in your organization can decrypt the data (not even EVault has access to the encryption keys).
  • Additional disaster recovery services: The EVault Cloud Disaster Recovery Service can quickly recover critical applications after a disaster from within a secure, virtual environment.

offsite replication service

The Essentials for EVault Offsite Replication Service

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