EVault Replication Technologies

Safeguard your backup data, no matter where it is stored today, by replicating it to a separate location via secure, bandwidth-optimized transfer. All EVault® Replication software products integrate seamlessly with EVault Software, providing a unified backup and storage replication solution.

The Essentials for EVault Replication Technolgies

Choose the EVault Replication Solution That’s Right for You

  • Evault Replication | One to One: Replicate your backup data from your primary vault to an alternate vault located offsite.
  • EVault Replication | Many to One: Ensure remote or branch offices benefit from fast restores, fast backups, and protection against site outages. EVault Replication Many to One provides remote locations with a local, onsite satellite vault for LAN-based backups and restores, while also replicating data to a primary vault (at your main site or disaster recovery center).
  • EVault DualVault: Save backup data to two vaults, each in a separate location. This solution is ideal if the majority of your data is currently held at two sites, enabling you to use each location as a backup center for the other one.
  • EVault Vault Backup Agent: Save backup data from your vault to disk-based storage or to another vault. You safeguard your backup data with storage redundancy and save costs by leveraging your existing infrastructure.