Long-term cloud data storage: durable, accessible, low TCO

Use our cloud storage service to safeguard your digital assets economically for decades and access them instantly as needed. Built on an exabyte-scale, disk-based open architecture and completely backed by SLAs.

EVault Long-Term Storage Service (EVault LTS2)
Preserve and manage for decades

EVault® LTS2 is a new, fully managed IaaS cloud storage service that manages and preserves skyrocketing volumes of digital assets with complete data integrity—for as long as you need them (from months to several decades), with instant access, and at a low total cost of ownership. Built on an OpenStack Object Storage architecture to avoid vendor lock-in and backed by the industry’s most comprehensive service-level agreements—for service availability and data durability, portability, and survivorship—EVault LTS2 offers exabyte-scale elasticity and very aggressive "pay-as-you-use" pricing so you can economically adjust your storage usage way up or down whenever needed.

Get your assets back unchanged

Rest assured that your digital assets will be available in the same condition you gave them to us.  Avoid vendor and data lock-in as well as disruptive storage technology migrations.

Get your assets back instantly

Access your assets fast and simply, as if they were stored locally—no long retrieval requests, no waiting. Use our bulk data-transfer service to speed large-scale deployment and retrieval.

Pamper your bottom line

Pay only for what you use—as little as US$15 TB/month; avoid capacity planning (no over- or under-provisioning) and capital and operational costs; and keep all your current applications.

We’re with you every step of the way.


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