Server backup software for mission-critical… everything.

EVault server backup software protects mission-critical business systems, lets you simply manage complex, distributed environments via a central web-based console, and can seamlessly connect to cloud storage.

EVault Software
Onsite server backup

EVault® Software securely, efficiently, quickly, reliably, and automatically backs up multi-platform (Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.) and physical and virtual server environments, onsite and remotely. Manage and monitor your backups through a secure, central interface—accessible wherever you can use a web browser—and get simple data protection across networks, including remote and branch offices. WAN-optimized technologies speed backup operations and reduce your storage footprint and costs. Add EVault Offsite Replication Service to eliminate single points of failure; it protects against site disasters while EVault Software recovers data quickly over a LAN. Deploy an all-in-one EVault appliance for instant data protection and storage.

Saves WAN time, money

Deduplication sends only new or changed data blocks, and compression and bandwidth throttling further speed transfers, lighten network loads, and shrink storage.

Ensures total security

EVault encrypts backup data inside your firewall (AES, 3DES, Blowfish), over the wire (AES, SSL), and when at rest in the vault. Only you hold the decryption keys.

Works on all your platforms

Platforms include VMware; Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL Server, and SharePoint; UNIX, Linux (SUSE, Red Hat, Debian, CentOS, Oracle Linux), IBM, and Oracle.

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