Cloud Services: Implementation and Educational Services

Do you lack the staff to implement an EVault® solution? Or do you just want to be sure your solution is installed, configured, and managed by EVault experts who can troubleshoot any problems?

What You Need to Know About EVault Implementation Services

EVault Implementation Services experts can plan and deploy your data protection solution. Once implementation is complete, they provide you with a Data Protection and Backup Plan. This blueprint for your EVault solution ensures your organization can comply with regulatory audits, effectively manage the solution, train new employees, and easily upgrade your environment as needed.

EVault Implementation Services Methodology

Our experts perform a comprehensive review of your environment: hardware and software infrastructure, regulatory compliance requirements, security/risk tolerance, geographic locations and deployment architecture to implement a solution based on your business needs.

Next we install and configure the solution to ensure it works smoothly.

If sending large amounts of data over a network is too slow or too costly, you can move your data to the EVault or Microsoft Azure cloud with EVault Premium Data Transfer Services. You get an appliance, rented for a few short days, that is specifically designed to accelerate the transfer of multiple terabytes from multiple servers. The appliance is shipped to and from your data center, and it replicates your data to the target cloud. EVault Premium Data Transfer Services offer two key advantages:

  • No need to seed over the wire.
  • No need to extend bandwidth utilization, which  can occur with very large transfers (relative to available network bandwidth).

Once implementation is complete, we provide you with your customized Data Protection and Backup Plan, your solution blueprint. This plan facilitates ongoing management, regulatory compliance, new hire training, and upgrades.

What You Need to Know About EVault Education Services

Get comprehensive training classes that maximize the value of your EVault solution. Multiple offerings, from online seminars to instructor-led hands-on training at your site, or ours, are all tailored meet your needs.

Instructor-Led Classroom Training

  • Hands-on lab environment allow you to learn about the EVault data protection solution in a simulated real-world environment
  • Small classes enable you to gain knowledge and insight from EVault as well as others in the class to better address your data protection challenges
  • Training can be held at your facility or ours, minimizing employee travel costs
  • Covers administration of many operating systems and applications enabling your IT employees to expand knowledge of different platforms and applications, a requirement for today’s ever changing IT environment
  • Four different modules available allowing you to meet the needs of all students, from novice to advanced
    • EVault Agent Management
    • EVault Software Management
    • EVault Vault Administration
    • DR Workshop

Online Seminars

  • Available through WebEx sessions, saving on travel costs
  • Each seminar is three to four hours long to fit into your busy schedule
  • Provides module recaps and reviews, which facilitate absorption of information
  • Includes the following modules:
    • Agent Troubleshooting and Best Practices
    • Vault Best Practices for Installation and Configuration
    • EVault System Restore
    • EVault Real Time Protection