Evault Tiered Recovery Solutions: Recovery Time Objective

Not all data is created equal. How long can you afford to be without critical systems and business data? Your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) will vary by system and data type. An EVault tiered recovery strategy cost-effectively ensures you protect data in a way that best meets your business needs.

A Tiered Recovery Strategy

Establish an RTO for each important system and application, and rank them all by RTO, bearing in mind that achieving very short RTOs for all data and all systems may not be practical. Critical data and systems will have the shortest RTOs, while the less critical ones have longer RTOs.

EVault and Flexible RTOs

With EVault data backup solutions, you choose the RTOs that meet your business requirements. For mission-critical applications such as transactional databases, you can rely on EVault Software for acheiving RTOs of less than five minutes. For less-critical applications, EVault recovery time solutions can provide more cost-effective backup and recovery schedules.

RTOs: Disk Vs. Tape Backups

Tape requires a full-system backup every week, with incremental backups each day. Tapes must be transported to and from an off-site vault. Data recovery could take hours or days. EVault disk-based solutions eliminate these headaches. Restores are near-instantaneous and as easy as point and click.

Support for Open Files and Bare Metal Restore

With Evault, you can back up and restore open files for additional recovery time solution options. If a system fails, EVault System Restore enables you to restore an entire system in one simple step.


Case Study | Pascack Community Bank

Pascack Bank drops tape and implements automated, tiered data and system protection

“Efficiency has improved immensely. With Web Central Control we can use any PC to quickly see the state of backups. If we need to restore data it can be done in minutes—in much less time than it would take just to locate the right tape.”

Stuart Milstone, Information Technology Officer