VMware Backup Virtual Environment Solutions

Reliably protect your VMware environment using non-disruptive hot backups, fast recovery, and streamlined management. The EVault® Agent for vSphere also leverages VMware’s data protection framework and agentless backups for small backup windows, low resource consumption, and easy deployment.

Key Benefits

  • Fast, efficient backups with no impact to your business operations
  • Flexible recovery made faster by granular restores
  • Easy, agentless deployment that reduces maintenance costs
  • SaaS  and Managed Services  options that let you offload infrastructure management
  • Single-vendor protection for your virtual and physical environments

Download the EVault Agent for vSphere datasheet (PDF)

Protect Data So It’s Safe and Secure

You can’t afford to lose your data or risk its exposure. EVault security starts at the source. You get end-to-end encryption, authentication, and authorization, as well as operational controls that lock down your data to keep it safe.

Ensure Disaster Recovery

Store a copy of your backup remotely to guarantee you can recover from a site disaster. EVault WAN-optimized technology makes it easy to move your data offsite. And cloud-connected™ data protection gives you the best of onsite software and offsite cloud services—fast, local access to your data with offsite protection for disaster recovery.

Case Study  |  Ventura County Credit Union

Virtualization improves disaster recovery preparedness and utilization efficiency, and controls costs.

“Now the full nightly backups of our database average less than five minutes to run.”

Carol Harris, CEO/President, Ventura County Credit Union