Evault Backup Solutions for Small Business

EVault® small business online backup and recovery recognizes a critical fact: The smaller your business, the more you expect from your data, and the more critical that data becomes. Your EVault data protection solutions, especially small business online backup and recovery, are automated, totally secure, and extremely reliable.

Small Business Online Backup: Key Benefits

Take advantage of EVault data protection that sets up simply, runs automatically, and securely stores your data offsite at a SSAE 16-compliant or ISO 9001:2000-certified data center. Restores are as easy as point and click. And when your business grows (good for you!) our solution scales easily to keep pace. No hassles. No worries.

EVault Cloud Backup Service Small Business Online Backup Solutions

EVault Cloud Backup Service delivers secure, efficient, automated online backup and recovery. You get enterprise-class data protection without any additional capital or IT expenses.

EVault Managed Services

Let us back up and store your data, fully encrypted, in the ironclad EVault. We’ll manage it for you. You get reliability and disaster recovery you can count on, plus the freedom to use your IT resources for other critical tasks. It’s the small business online backup solution prefered by many of our customers.

Case Study | ProNet Replaces Tape with EVault Cloud Backup Service

Tape backups, and tape data recovery, cost too much and take too long to use. Not so with EVault Cloud Backup Service.


“We were looking for a solution that provided monitoring capabilities and the status of backups so we would know immediately if there were any issues.”

Dan Hine, Founder, ProNet