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EVault® Education Services wants you to get the most out of EVault technology. If you or your company is just starting to use EVault solutions, we’re here to help.

EVault Technology, Simplified

EVault offers many solution configurations, but almost all of them depend on the following three components: Agents run on the servers you want to back up. Your backup data resides on one or more vaults. To manage your backups and restores, you use a web-based CentralControl module. To learn a bit more, see How EVault Works.

Education Courses—or, What Classes Should I Take?

Class Schedule

EVault I
EVault II
EVault Training and Certification Package
EVault Endpoint Protection
EVault Content Archiving: Install and Manage


Prove your expertise. Attend EVault I and EVault II, pass the EVault Technical Certification exam, and become an EVault Certified Technical Specialist.

Class Locations

EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa)
Asia & Australia

Other Sources of Knowledge

Use your EVault Customer Account:
EVault Communities
Knowledge Base
Documentation (Search for “User Guide”)

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