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EVault® Education Services wants you to get the most out of your EVault technology. Whether you are just starting to use an EVault solution, or would like to expand your EVault expertise, we are here to help.

For Partners, all trainings and certifications can be found on our Partner Center.

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EVault offers four levels of certification via the Partner Center. Discover more from our Certification Program and get more details about EVault’s Instructor-Led Classes.

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EVault Certified
Sales Specialist

  • Be able to articulate the EVault value proposition
  • Have a clear understanding of EVault’s core technology
  • Understand EVault’s SaaS and on-premise solution offerings
EVault Certified
System Engineer

  • Deliver an effective EVault demo
  • Position EVault products correctly for different client types
  • Explain the competitive advantages of the EVault suite over other solutions
  • Be better able to make your company money
EVault Certified – Technical Specialist

  • Use EVault software installation utilities
  • Use the EVault Portal interface to configure agents and backup jobs
  • Perform backups and restores
  • Use the EVault Director management console interface to configure and manage vaults
EVault Installation Certified

  • Conduct design meetings
  • Identify project scope design goals, requirements, and constraints
  • Identify useful information for making design decisions
  • Recognize and analyze best-practice recommendations
  • Analyze alternative design decisions
  • Identify risks associated with design choices

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