Technical Certification

EVault Education Services wants to recognize your commitment to developing and demonstrating your EVault technical skills–skills installing, configuring, and managing data protection solutions based on EVault technology.

Goals and Benefits

The goal of the EVault Certified Technical Specialist program is to identify systems administrators who:

  • Effectively deploy and configure EVault Software.
  • Use EVault technology to protect, manage, and restore files, system images, and databases.
  • Troubleshoot EVault installations.
  • Use encryption and replication to provide additional data protection and security.

Use your EVault technical certification to:

  • Demonstrate your expertise to employers.
  • Establish your credentials to clients and prospects.
  • Advance your career and professional standing.


The certification process requires attendance and participation in classroom training, and passing an online examination.  To become an EVault Certified Technical Specialist, you must:


Caveats and Cautions

The EVault Education Services department is committed to the goal of accurate identification of people with true technical expertise using EVault solutions, and to continually improving the value of EVault certifications. 

If you attempt one or more EVault Certification exams, you agree that:

  • You will take the EVault exam(s) by yourself, identifying yourself by your legal name and providing any other proof of identity we request, and use only resources that we authorize for use during the time you are taking the exam(s).
  • You will not take any certification exam on behalf of someone else, nor give any aid to someone else who takes an EVault certification exam.
  • You will preserve the confidentiality of information about the exam, including, but not limited to, the content and topics of the questions and possible answers, the number of questions, the length of the exam, and any other information about the testing process and subjects not publicized on either an web page or in EVault Education Services courseware.
  • You will not record or transmit information about the exam using any physical or electronic medium, either for your own later use or use by others.
  • You will not use exam preparation materials that EVault Education Services believes violate our intellectual property rights or confidentiality agreements, including, but not limited to, materials provided by any exam preparation service or company not authorized by EVault.
  • You will contact EVault Education Services for our permission before using any exam preparation materials not provided in EVault courseware or on EVault’s web sites.
  • If you wish to receive information about changes to your certification status or the rules of our certification program, you will notify EVault Education Services of any changes in the email address through which we should contact you, by sending email to or using any other means we may specify in the future.
  • EVault Education Services has the right to deny or revoke any individual’s certification status, and/or require re-examination, including through other means of testing,  possibly including verbal examination or live demonstration of skills, for any reason we deem appropriate, or for no reason at all.
  • EVault Education Services can perpetually revoke and/or deny certification to you and/or a group you belong to if, in our judgment only, we have any reason to believe that you or members of your group have diminished the value of EVault certification by violating confidentiality, behaving incompetently or unprofessionally, or doing anything else that, in our judgment solely, discredits our certification program.
  • If you are employed by an EVault partner whose partner status depends on the number EVault certified individuals it employs, you authorize EVault to inform your employer if your certification status is revoked or expires, and to explain to your employer, if we decide to, the reason for the revocation, denial, or expiration.
  • Neither EVault nor Seagate shall be liable for damages of any kind related to any aspect of the design or implementation of any EVault certification program, even if EVault or Seagate has been advised of the possibility of such damages, and that this limitation will apply notwithstanding any failure of essential purpose.